Sunday, July 26, 2009

देवनागरी आणि इतर "इंडिक" लीप्यंकन ...

OK, many of my dreams are coming true. One of the dreams was to be able to type in देवनागरी just on the browser.

Several schemes have been attempted for this to happen. But nothing is as simple as using Google Transliteration API and Firefox and its extension for Indic Translation, written by Sridhar. There is room for improvement (of course) but this is a very good step forward.

For the impatient, here is the recipe:
  1. Dump Internet Explorer. Use Firefox as your web browser. Get it from
  2. Start the Firefox browser.
  3. Click on this link (
  4. Click the (green) button: "Add to Firefox".
  5. A Window will pop-up. After a few seconds, "Install Now" button will activate. Click it.
  6. Firefox would prompt you for "Restarting Firefox". Click that button.
  7. Firefox will restart.
  8. Let's say you log on to your mail client (e.g. Yahoo! Mail, GMail etc.) If you are using Yahoo!, please choose the Plain Text formatting.
  9. After clicking inside the Compose Window, you'll see a block like the one in adjacent image.
  10. Choose a language of your choice and check the check-box. This should get you going. At the end of a "Word" boundary, the transliteration would occur. For example typing "bharat" should show you "भारत".
Thanks to Sridhar and Google Transliteration API!

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Asawari said...

धन्यवाद! ही फारच चांगली आयडिया आहे !