Friday, January 15, 2010

About Quotes ...

Quotes have always amazed me. I think it is a succinct expression of creativity. Not all quotes are applicable to all circumstances and not all are timeless, but some of them are pure stroke of genius. I shiver when I read a great quote. For example, here is one:

Life is tragedy for those who feel and it's a comedy for those who think.

Now, we know that a human being is neither a feeler nor a thinker all the time, but a continuum over these two defining traits. Yet, this quote makes me admire the person to whom it's attributed. With quotes, comes the problem of attribution, but that can be solved. Another thing about quotes is that there are plenty of quality ones (and crappy ones). It's almost like "there's a quote for that".

Having taken inspiration from several thinkers of all times, I thought of my own quotes. Let me know if you liked them:

  • Biking (on the roads of California) has improved my driving.
  • You feel like you have achieved something when you become a parent. The key is in not letting that sense of achievement and excitement fizzle, over time.
  • People have wondered about my ability to (memorize, and) quote quotable quotes when applicable. I have wondered about ability of people who created them.