Sunday, May 20, 2007

Remembering David Halberstam ...

The news of David Halberstam's death is unfortunate. I haven't read this celebrated author of 15 bestsellers, but he must have been a notable journalist and storyteller. It is just unfortunate that his illustrious life had to end this way.

When I was reading about the ordeal that Jean Halberstam (his wife of 27 years) and Kevin Jones (the unfortunate UC-Berkeley student who chauffeured him) my mind just filled with grief and helplessness. Various minds will have various reflections about this (sadly) commonplace incident, but I really feel for Kevin Jones. He must be going through a lot of trauma.

Being an Indian, I know that driving on the US roads is a joy. I just pray that I remind myself that getting to drive on US roadways is a privilege. I just pray that all drivers listen to "Mr. RoadShow's" advice that he gives everyday in the San Jose Mercury News. I just pray that I am attentive during driving and so is everyone else :). This everyday activity, so commonplace, is supposed to be safe. It has become so tricky -- and might have dire consequences. And still, it is so taken for granted. Accidents are part and parcel of everyday life. But one should not feel that enough care was not taken, that's all we can ensure.

David -- while you rest in peace, I just hope that we, as a society are better drivers!