Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Carol, please fix Classic Yahoo! Mail ...

It's annoying when the URL's you send in your e-mail are mangled by your web-mail client. Yahoo! Mail client does exactly that and annoys you so much that it's even worse than annoyance caused by a dumb motorist in front of you (while driving). To those Yahoo! Mail developers who don't yet see it --
  1. Use your software to send e-mails to a Yahoo! group or others.
  2. Just put a link to web-page to it.
Upon receiving the e-mail, the URL not only does not remain clickable, but also is rendered virtually useless because some space characters are inserted in it. Come on! How hard is it to recognize something to be a link in an e-mail content? Yahoo! Mail support is surprising useless in dealing with this issue. Worse than Comcast support!

This is one of those bugs in Yahoo! Mail's HTML composer that keeps me from using it. This is one of the reasons (little annoyances here and there) GMail is likely to surpass Yahoo! Mail in terms of use, pretty soon. The Classic Yahoo! Mail was changed to use a wad of JavaScript based new client and that is even worse because it is way too bulky.

Carol -- don't waste the head-start you once had in web-mail use. Or have you already given up on it?

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