Saturday, June 21, 2008

GMail and sent mail ...

I don't get it. One of the most important requirements from my e-mail client is the facility to preserve e-mails that I send. I may want to delete a conversation (as GMail calls it), but that does not mean I want to get rid of what I wrote as part of that conversation.

Well, in today's GMail UI, it is not evident how I can satisfy this (basic) requirement as a user. To elaborate the point:

  1. I send an e-mail or get an e-mail from someone.
  2. I start the conversation and after 4 rounds of send-receive, I decide to delete the conversation from my Inbox.
  3. Later, I want to know what I wrote as part of my responses. Naturally, I click on Sent Mail folder and to my dismay, I find no trace of the same.
Now, there could be something missing and there could be responses like "Why delete? We have gigabytes of data storage." or "Undelete it from the Trash" etc.

But that's not the point. The point is, a normal expectation from "Sent Mail" is just redefined by GMail and to my surprise, this is not a bug in GMail? I am sorry if I am missing something, but without a doubt, how I can satisfy the above is not at all evident on GMail UI.


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