Friday, October 10, 2008

World Championship Chess Match ...

Ah folks. Here we are.

Next Tuesday, October 14, 2008 it is. Vishy Anand will be all set to defend his World Championship title against the challenger Vladimir Kramnik. It is expected to be an intense battle for the supremacy rather than a string of predictable draws. Who wins is matter of few days but the chess enthusiasts from around the world are going to enjoy this match being played at the famous Arts and Exhibitions hall at Bonn, Germany.

Here is the official website.

The tension is unbelievable and as a Vishy Anand fan, I feel my chest is bursting. I am sure he is calm and composed just as he said in this interview at -- a must read for any chess enthusiast (or a person who likes any form of art or sport or a thing of beauty).

If you want to see and hear what this man's current thinking is, click on the image/video below (from ibnlive):

Wow! I can't wait.

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