Saturday, July 19, 2008

Giving a real chance to environment friendly life-style ...

Somehow, I have a feeling that unless I switch to a life-style that minimally stresses the environment, I am not making the best use of my lifetime here. But surprisingly, and somewhat unfortunately, the real information, the real exemplary lives that demonstrate how to go about it are hard to find. This is the situation in the Bay Area, California. Frustration grips me.

I am looking for real people and advice that will set me on this path. I know my blog is not necessarily the best way to reach out (who reads my pointless ramblings, anyway :) ), but I have started trying out various avenues in my Quest.

I am sure one of the necessary (but not sufficient) things to do here is keeping your needs in check. I am prepared to do that. But how can I make a difference? Also, I am up for evolution, not revolution and I am (painfully) aware that I need to be patient as we soon will be 9 Billion people and any progress is going to be slow (and slower).

But I am becoming more and more melancholy every time I (have to) use/buy bottled water after a grueling cricket match, plastic merchandise at a social gathering, diapers and so on.

I am hopeful that humankind will prevail. We have taken millions (literally) of years to get here. We can't be wiped out clean because of environmental imbalance. But the future is murky. The life expectancy has improved a lot and that is likely to pose difficult problems.

Let me live the phrase "Charity begins at home". Can you help?

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Asawari said...

Those are really nice thoughts.
Things may be frustrating to you but reading your post gave me motivation to re-evaluate and change some things in my lifestyle. Thank you for that!

I guess each of us taking 1 step in the right direction is all we can do and probably it's all that is needed. What say ?