Sunday, December 24, 2006

Move to the new blogger problematic?

Or is it Impossible?

Am I missing something? I recently tried the new blogger interface. To my surprise and disappointment however, when I logged in using the Google account, it just thinks that it's another incarnation of me and creates two different blog dashboards for me. I thought this is a lossless upgrade, but apparently it is not. In order to create this entry for example, I had to get back to the "old blogger account".

Is this broken or am I missing something basic?

Can someone help?

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Sumedha said...

I don't think it is broken, I did not have any such problem, and I switched a while ago. The problem is however, when I try to post comments on the blogs with old blogger. Then it confuses my identity and asks me to log in with @gmail ID and then I lose my comment :(